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Wow, two posts in one week – that hasn’t happened for a while! There are some things I wanted to post that I didn’t want to include in the Halloween post yesterday, so here I am again.

As my followers know, I am (or was until the reboot) a HUGE DC fan, but there was one Marvel title that I loved more than most of my other comics: Young Avengers. And the great news is that it’s coming back!

You can see from the tentative cover who our core cast is going to include. Former members Hawkeye, Wiccan, and Hulkling are joined by newbies Marvel Boy, Miss America, and (surprisingly) kid Loki. While I miss the old crew, I’m excited to see the book come back. And according to the details I’ve read, this book is going to include guest appearances from other teen heroes.

Speaking of teen heroes, “Avengers Academy” is ending just as their new teen book is about to start. But, in issue #38, there is a really cute scene where the Avengers Academicians and the Jean Grey students try to hook-up Striker and Anole. I think they would be a really cute couple if Striker wasn’t so in love with himself.

Next, is a photo of a horny Harry Potter – well, Daniel Radcliffe, anyway. And it’s not what you think, it’s actually a promo pic of him from his upcoming movie “Horns.” Apparently he wakes up one day to be accused of raping his girlfriend. And worse, he’s also sprouted horns. At first it sounded a bit ridiculous, but after reading the rest of the teaser outline it seems like and interesting movie. And he still looks pretty hot!

I have one final piece of “news” to include in this post. I’ve decided to create a Tumblr account so that I can more quickly post pics and info that I find. You’ll find it here, check it out and follow! Or check out the links on the side. Now time for the premiere of “Arrow.” Expect a review soon!

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