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It’s coming…and going


Unfortunately, I am one of the people living in the path of “Frankenstorm,” so I’m not sure how long the power is going to hold out. I had planned a much larger post for tomorrow since I missed last week due to a last minute business trip, but I may not be able to post because of the storm. Here’s something to consider until my next post.

For fans of the Young Justice cartoon, here’s a little interesting news. For those who aren’t aware, this is going to be the FINAL SEASON! Sadly, yes, our beloved cartoon is going to end in Feb/March, along with Green Lantern, to be replaced by the new CGI Batman series and the return of Teen Titans, GO! Now as much of a fan of the campy TTG cartoon I was in the day, I’d much rather keep Young Justice on the air. I’m currently working out a plan for write-in/send-in petition to save the cartoon from being cancelled. If you’re interested in helping or have some suggestions or know of any other petitions, let me know!

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