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Your Very Own Justice League


A friend at work and I were discussing our near-complete hatred of the new 52 and the direction the Justice League has taken. We are both looking forward to the release of Justice League of America next month and its interesting new line-up. In our talk, the subject of our own JLA came about with the stipulation that none of the cannon roster be used (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman) or any of their variants but any other character from any era, hero or villain, as long as they are owned by DC Comics is fair game.

Here is my team:

justice league

Apollo, Sandman, Captain Marvel, Starfire, Dr. Fate, Vixen, and Red Tornado.

What do you think? Who would be on your team given the same stipulations? I’d love to see who some other people would choose for their own Justice League team.

PS – it’s good to be back, I missed you all!!!

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  1. 12/27/2012 11:20 PM

    That’s actually a really interesting question, and a surprisingly hard one, especially without the option to use even derivatives of the Big 7. I’m not entirely sure who I would pick and could probably spend far too long balancing the perfect team but in the name of spending reasonable time on this idea, I’m going post what I’ve come up with. With the Host’s permission I think that I’ll come back later and revise this list if I come up with something better. Either way, I’m open to constructive criticism. Anyway, without further ado, the Justice League

    Black Canary, Starfire, The Ray (Lucian Gates), Sir Justin – The Shining Knight, Vril Dox, Green Arrow, The Atom (Ryan Choi)

    The team would be lead by Black Canary, with Starfire as the team powerhouse, Sir Justin and Green Arrow putting their own slant on the team conscience, The Ray is our newbie; pacifist; and speedster, The Atom is science officer, and Vril Dox is tactician.

    It’s not a perfect team and one DC will probably never even come close to publishing but I think it could be pretty neat.

    I also had another idea that I thought was fun.

    The Justice League, for all it’s merits is a limited organization. It has to exist within some framework of legitimacy, it has to be a largely reactive organization, and, often enough, it exists in relation to a single country. It has boarders.

    When that’s simply not enough, when it’s too much to be righteous and a hero, the world needs the Justice Society of Super Villains.

    Membership: Ra’s al Ghul, Green Lantern 2413 – Sinestro, Manchester Black, Bane, Ocean Master, Black Adam, and Poison Ivy

    Ra’s inducts the some of the members into the League of Assassins but many, such as Ivy, Ocean Master, and Sinestro, see joining a human organization beneath them and thus Ra’s creates a new branch of The Demon, the Justice Society. Allowing the League to continue as normal, and leaving the armies of Atlantis and Kandaq to defend their boarders, Ra’s leads this secret Justice Society to affect a better world for all, no matter the cost.

    • 12/28/2012 8:40 AM

      You’ve been far more detailed than me. Sorry for forgetting I couldn’t use the Big 7.

    • 12/28/2012 8:41 AM

      Great choices – I almost picked Ra’s al Ghul for my team, but I think he would be a little bossy for the team. I added in Sandman – he’s a great detective; and it never hurts to have a precog on the team.

      • 12/28/2012 2:19 PM

        Oh, of course he would be. Ra’s is a delightfully arrogant character. The only reason I think this could work is that he’s right to a certain extent and barring a few strong personalities the others would agree.

        You also have a good point about Sandman, my main league is missing a detective. I suppose they’d have to depend on Choi and Vril Dox to pick up the slack.

  2. 12/28/2012 3:35 AM

    If you like Starfire, I do suggest you to read (or read again) a comic book that brings much depth to this character:
    “I’d love to see who some other people would choose for their own Justice League team”: I would throw in some of my favorite Titans (e.g. Nightwing), some undeservedly discarded characters (e.g. Blue Beetle) and, of course, the most iconic DC characters.
    I was tempted to draft some Wildstorm characters like Grifter and Voodoo, but, despite my love for them, I decided not to include them: they’re too outside of the norms to be in the cast of a classic comic book series like the Justice League. They work better in a team of outsiders, like Team 7. In fact, Grifter is a member of that team.
    If you don’t like the New 52 comics, DC is publishing a lot of good series not belonging to that line. Batman: Arkham Unhinged, for example, is pure awesomeness each month.

    • 12/28/2012 8:47 AM

      My friend, who is a HUGE Teen Titans fan, filled 6 of the 7 slots with Titans. Most of them are sidekicks of the big 7 being trained to fill-in in their absence.
      I am reading a few of the non-52 books. I really like the new arc of Young Justice (based on the cartoon). And it’s not that I hate all of the 52, some of it is quite enjoyable – Aquaman, Demon Knights, I Vampire – all of them titles that I wouldn’t normally pick-up or read in the past. Our gripe is with the inconsistent timeline/back story that the major characters/teams seem to be suffering from. And it’s getting worse as the titles go on…

      • 12/28/2012 8:54 AM

        To me, the most peeving fact of the reboot is that a lot of interesting characters got discarded or lost most of their deepness because of it.
        For example, what made Roy Harper interesting was his troubled past as a user, and the fact that he had found a way to get over it and had become a good person and a responsible father.
        In the comic book I recommended you, he survived a deathly fight only because he was motivated by the fear of his daughter growing alone, and possibly becoming a user too because of it. Also, one of the most moving scenes of that volume was he teaching her how to use the bow. It saddens me that now not only these scenes, but even Roy’s past as a user, and even his daughter, have been erased from the continuity.
        Basically, why I should care about him now? As far as I know, the only things defining him now are his talent with the bow and his friendship with Red Hood. I couldn’t care less about both of them.
        I read that DC is about to publish a miniseries starring Roy Harper as the leading character: hopefully the writer of that miniseries will give him some deepness again.
        Also, DC, if you wanted to launch some new series, Roy Harper would have given you more bucks than Katana and Vibe. Especially after the exposure he’s about to have in the TV show.
        Thank you for your reply! : )

    • 12/28/2012 2:42 PM

      Fully admitting that I didn’t follow Roy before the reboot, I would say that I disagree. For all its myriad problems, and I insist that you know that I do mean myriad, I’ve been enjoying Red Hood and the Outlaws. I started reading it for Starfire, which clearly was a wasted effort, but I really like their interpretation of Roy. While it is a shame that his relationship with Lian is gone, one can’t say that it was being handled well before the reboot either and his history as a user is maintained. In fact, though it’s been only briefly touched upon, I think that Roy’s relationship with Killer Croc is one of my favorite elements of the New 52.

      I also think that Lobdell actually knows how to write his version of Roy. Starfire is a complete miss for him and, while Jason is decently written, he tends to be written in service of the plot or a one-liner, but Roy has a strong consistent voice. Admittedly, I could see a fan of Post-Crisis Roy feeling that this is an inferior version but it’s not a bad characterization. It feels real without losing it’s comedic potential and you can’t say that he doesn’t have heart.

      I will certainly acknowledge that may characters have suffered in the reboot, including Starfire, Beast Boy, Superman, and Tim Drake, not to mention the removal of a number of great characters. Still, for all it’s problems, DC is doing a number of things right, if only they could return the character based approach that made so many of their fans…

      …and sort out that timeline. Seriously, that thing is a mess.

      • 12/28/2012 2:45 PM

        I accept your kind refutation. I like frank people much more than the ones who tell me “You’re right” even when I say “The sun is black.” Now I’ll give a more careful reading to Red Hood and the Outlaws. Thank you for your reply! : )

      • 12/28/2012 3:17 PM

        Glad to hear it was appreciated. I don’t want to give you the impression that it’s a masterpiece of comics. It’s flawed and at times offensive, but it has a sense of fun and adventure that makes me sad for it’s flaws and happy that I’m reading it.

        Starfire has improved but is still in need of serious work before I accept her as the same character that I love. Roy on the other hand is one character that I really love. I think he’s a very different hero than what I’ve seen in comics and that those elements tie into his past as a user very nicely.

        I’d love to hear your thoughts if and when you read through Red Hood again.

      • 12/28/2012 3:20 PM

        If I can afford to do it, I’ll buy Red Hood as soon as possible and let you know. : )

      • 12/28/2012 11:02 PM

        The timeline inconsistencies are what upsets me the most. Sticking with the Red Hood topic, in the very first issue the original version of the Teen Titans is mentioned by Roy (who refers to Dick and some others). But in the 52 Teen Titans, you’re led to believe that this is the first incarnation of the team.

        As to the actual RHatO comics, I was enjoying the first arc and even the venture into space (where you see a much-better written Starfire), though I have since dropped the comic in favor of some better series. While I’m a DC-boy at heart (and always will be), there are some interesting stories being put out by Marvel right now. And if you haven’t read it, try out Superbia – it’s amazing!

      • 12/28/2012 11:21 PM

        No, you’re absolutely right about the timeline. I mean we see Starfire, Dick, and Roy working together in RHatO but then we hear that there have never been a Teen Titans before in that series. And these are written by the same man!

        Scott Lobdell is actually a really interesting case as he did something very different than most of the writers and gave a lot of interviews about it. To him the reboot was an opportunity to do things that had never been done, instead of a kind of continuity housecleaning. I don’t know how much I like what he’s done or how much of it I like but you have to respect his willingness to take risks.

        I’m holding on with Red Hood as it really was one of my favorites but it has been sagging lately and the departure of Kenneth Rockafort will be a huge blow to the series. Likewise, I’ve been grudgingly increasing my pulls from Marvel. Marvel NOW does little for me overall but those couple of books that I can’t pass up means that I’m probably getting more from Marvel these days than ever before.

        I also have to thank you for the recommendation. I’m always hesitant to add more to my pulls, given how much money comics can cost, but Superbia has been on my mind for a while. I may have to give that a look…

      • 12/29/2012 9:32 AM

        I definitely recommend giving Superbia a try. Pick up the graphic novel of the miniseries before jumping into the new ongoing – though it’s getting harder and harder to find because of the limited 1st run. You can see the homage to classic characters like Captain America, Superman, and Green Lantern, but the focus is more on their lives out of costume than in them. And the family drama can be more tense than any battle with a super-villain.

  3. 12/29/2012 10:15 AM

    @ sab1113: If you like superhero comics focusing on the life out of costume and having a lot of family drama, I do suggest you to try Animal Man. It’s my favorite New 52 series.
    What makes it so special is the way Lemire deconstructs the superhero mythology. For example:
    1) Superheroes tend to monopolize the attention of the reader, while Animal Man is constantly upstaged by the supporting characters of the series.
    2) Superhero comics usually don’t give much importance to the private life of their main character (they tend to focus only on the “costume on” part); as I told you, in Animal Man, on the contrary, the private life of Buddy is the main theme of the series. In fact, it is rather infrequent to see Buddy with his costume on.
    3) Buddy is not perfect, and is not perceived as perfect by other people: in fact, in the 11th issue, when he tells his wife “It’s going to be okay”, she replies “Don’t give me anything of that superhero crap, Buddy.” That cut and thrust perfectly enlightens the philosophy of the series.

  4. Batmanfan permalink
    01/03/2013 7:17 PM

    Interesting choices for you’re team. Sandman is the real wild card. Why did you pick him for the team? Did your friend and you pick them together or was it your choices. I think Ra Al Ghul would be a better choice like nightwing said. I would pick Ra Al Ghul, Poison Ivy, Cheetah, Atom, Brainiac 5, Powergirl, Huntress and Orion.

    • 01/04/2013 10:05 AM

      Sandman was my own pick for the team. I wanted a “detective type” to fill the Batman roll and instantly thought of Dodds. Plus he’s a pre-cog, so the Justice League would have a heads-up on some threats. My friend chose his own seven member team (I can’t recall atm), maybe I’ll post them later.
      You have some interesting team choices yourself, seeing as your top three picks are “villains.” Ra’s al Ghul seems to be a popular choice as a “leader” and Batman’s replacement, which isn’t a surprise since he’s now commonly credited as training Bruce for the job! Thanks for your feedback!

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