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While I Was Away…


I’m sure you’ve all seen this stuff already, but if not, you can thank me later. Lets start with Glee. They did an episode called “Dynamic Duets,” which as a superhero fan I thought might be pretty good. It was rather the opposite. With one small exception: the Mega Studs.

mega studs 1

Jake and Ryder in spandex singing “I am Superman” – yes, please! It was difficult to try and catch some good grabs from the crap “HD” version I was watching online, but  I tried my best.

mega studs 2

mega studs 3

Jake really has a great caboose, doesn’t he… He should wear spandex in more episodes. Alas, I don’t think that wardrobe choice will make it into the series. Anyway, here they are from the EW pictorials so you can get a better look:


A few episodes later, we were gifted with an amazing Christmas (err.. Hanukkah) present.

jake 1

Finally! Shirtless Jacob Artist. Here’s a close-up:

jake 2

Meanwhile, over on Ultimate Spider-Man they did an episode called “I am Spider-Man” in which MJ writes a musical about everyone’s favorite wall-crawler. However, Peter is snubbed for the roll of himself by none other than…

ult spid A

…a very off-key Flash Thompson. He may not be able to sing, but he looks good in the costume! While it was a funny little episode, my favorite part came when Peter gets a peek at the other Spidey stand-ins ahead of him:

ult spid B

Yep, we finally get a peek at the “Ultimate Spider-Man” version of the current Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales (aged about 4 years more if he’s supposed to be in Peter’s grade).

Later, in “Snow Day,” we get to see the team skip arctic training exercises and head to a private SHEILD island. About half of the episode features the crew in swimwear.

ult spid 1

ult spid 2

They look so A&F in this shot don’t they…ult spid 3

ult spid 4

ult spid 5

ult spid 7 ult spid 8

Well, I hope you all enjoyed. These are a few of the things I wanted to post while I was away.

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