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A Good Day After A Bad Week

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Last week was a fairly miserable week for me. I worked a lot of long, early hours doing inventory while overcoming both a cold and delicate medical problem. And the weekend wasn’t much better. Not the least of which occurred was that my email account was hacked. After yet another long yesterday, I was looking forward to a nice relaxing day of doing nothing but catching up on sleep and doing a bit of writing. So I was a little surprised to get a bit of good fortune in the mail today.

A few weeks ago, I got a comment from a new follower named Mike who asked some questions about Heroica: Ilrion. After some back and forth about the series and some creative modifications he could make to the series, he asked if I had managed to find the Ganrash expansion. I told him that I’d emailed Lego and never had a response. He offered to pick two of them up for me and even sent them to me free of charge.

So, many thanks again to Mike for his generous gift  (I’ll be thanking him again when I do the set review in the coming days).

But an equally nice surprise was delivered today along with Mike’s package. I got a small envelope from Lego with the following note inside:

Thanks for getting in touch with us in regards to the Lego Heroica board games. I too am a huge fan of these games and have created my own rules and boards to create more of a ‘D&D’ type feel for them. I was glad to get your email as I have not heard of this promotional expansion for the series.The bad news is that it was a promotional item that was not available in the United States. The good news is that we do have most of the pieces in still available (I had to substitute 2 of similar colors/instructions no longer in stock as well) and since you are such a fan of the Heroica series I am going to send them to you for free.

Happy building!
Jordan – LEGO Consumer Services

Enclosed with the note was a polybag filled with the pieces for the set with an invoice and link to a location I could download the instructions for building it.

What a great surprise! I wasn’t expecting an email, let alone a package from them. It’s reasons like this that I love LEGO and their products. They have amazing customer service and the few times that I’ve had to deal with them, I always had a pleasant experience.

So this post goes out to both Mike and Jordan who have given me a very nice day after a very miserable week. Thanks again guys!



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  1. Mike permalink
    02/02/2013 11:03 AM

    You’re welcome! I’m at a store right now that is liquidating soon and I was looking for Lego and clutched under my arm is a box of Lego Champion! I didn’t think I’d ever see it again, let alone at 40% off! Now my daughter can play a girl barbarian in heroica. Seeing it reminded me to check your blog. I’m glad I helped make your day.

    • 02/03/2013 5:15 PM

      Ah, I’m glad you finally found a copy. I’ve been looking around here for one for you, but with no luck. There are quite a few characters in there I’m sure you’ll find useful for Heroica. Enjoy and thanks again!

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