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Some News


Wow, two posts in one week – that hasn’t happened for a while! There are some things I wanted to post that I didn’t want to include in the Halloween post yesterday, so here I am again.

As my followers know, I am (or was until the reboot) a HUGE DC fan, but there was one Marvel title that I loved more than most of my other comics: Young Avengers. And the great news is that it’s coming back!

You can see from the tentative cover who our core cast is going to include. Former members Hawkeye, Wiccan, and Hulkling are joined by newbies Marvel Boy, Miss America, and (surprisingly) kid Loki. While I miss the old crew, I’m excited to see the book come back. And according to the details I’ve read, this book is going to include guest appearances from other teen heroes.

Speaking of teen heroes, “Avengers Academy” is ending just as their new teen book is about to start. But, in issue #38, there is a really cute scene where the Avengers Academicians and the Jean Grey students try to hook-up Striker and Anole. I think they would be a really cute couple if Striker wasn’t so in love with himself.

Next, is a photo of a horny Harry Potter – well, Daniel Radcliffe, anyway. And it’s not what you think, it’s actually a promo pic of him from his upcoming movie “Horns.” Apparently he wakes up one day to be accused of raping his girlfriend. And worse, he’s also sprouted horns. At first it sounded a bit ridiculous, but after reading the rest of the teaser outline it seems like and interesting movie. And he still looks pretty hot!

I have one final piece of “news” to include in this post. I’ve decided to create a Tumblr account so that I can more quickly post pics and info that I find. You’ll find it here, check it out and follow! Or check out the links on the side. Now time for the premiere of “Arrow.” Expect a review soon!


5 Weeks of Horror – Week 2


Let me start by saying that this week I already missed 2 days of scary movies. Sort of. Sunday, I skipped watching a movie to instead watch the Fox Sunday Halloween spectacular. I missed the first half of “The Cleveland Show” (which I’m not a fan of anyway) but I loved the “Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror 23.” My word, 23 THOHs? I can remember seeing the original episode waaaaaay back in the 90s as a kid! There was a nice bit of nostalgia that came with, even if it was a little tired.  And I was a little disappointed that as hyped-up as Fox made the Halloween event, two of the shows I tune in for – “Family  Guy” and “American Dad” –   didn’t even have anything to do with Halloween.

Yesterday was such a loooong day at work that I ended up crashing as soon as I got home. So I skipped the movie but to make up for it, I did a “double feature” today. And who better to feature than two of the masters of horror: Edgar Allen Poe and Vincent Price.

October 9th – “Tales of Terror” and “Masque of the Red Death”

October 10th – House on Haunted Hill

October 11th – “The Woman In Black”

October 12th – “Halloween II”

October 13th – “Sinister”

That’s right, I have plans to see this on the weekend with my brother.
It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen a horror movie close to Halloween so it’ll be quite a treat.

5 Weeks of Horror – Week 1

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As is my tradition, every year I yearn for a good scare in October. And this year, I’m going to try to watch a different scary movie every day. So here is the Week One list – let me know what you think of my choices and maybe post some suggestions of your own for me to watch. If I can find it to borrow from a friend (or watch instantly on Netflix), I’ll add it to my list.

October 1st – American Werewolf in London

October 2nd – Halloween (my absolute favorite)

October 3rd – Waxwork (haven’t seen it in years)

October 4th – Silver Bullet

October 5th – Friday the 13th

October 6th – Audition

YJ Satisfaction


Yeah! After a very, very, VERY  long wait, Young justice is back to continue the second season. Beware that if you continue, there will be spoilers and if you didn’t see the episode, you should skip reading the rest of this post.
Well, let me start by saying that “Satisfaction” is the perfect name for the episode. I think more in that it was good to see a new episode than actually getting any real answers. As I’d hoped, we finally get to see the original Roy and find out how he ended up as the Light’s lab rat on ice for eight years. We also get to see a heartbroken Ollie, completely dismayed by the fate of his sidekicks and his disappointing role as a mentor.

After escaping the hospital, original Roy heads to Metropolis for revenge against Lex Luthor, the man who took his arm and locked him away in cold storage. This leads to a fight in the underground parking garage between Roy and Mercy Graves.

It was a great fight scene. And Roy shows how badass he is taking her on with one arm. No wonder Lex chose him to make a clone army – he’s the Jango Fett of the Young Justice universe. After beating her, he goes after Luthor and is caught in a standoff until he’s given a robotic arm and decides to change his name to Arsenal.

There’s also a little nod to fans of the Christopher Reeves Superman movies – the head of LexCorp security is named Otis, the goofy sidekick played by Ned Beatty in 1 & 2.

In another storyline, the remaining YJ members are still in morning over the death of Artemis. It shows the Grotto, a memorial for the fallen heroes. Among those shown are Artemis (of course) and Tula, who’s death was mentioned in “Depth.” But surprisingly there’s also a hologram of Blue Beetle and, even more exciting,…

…Jason Todd’s Robin! I really, really can’t wait to see him. And with the appearance of Asenal and earlier news that Starfire will be joining the cast this season, will we see a little nod to Red Hood and the Outlaws?

And the heroes aren’t the only ones morning Artemis’s death, her villainous relatives Cheshire Cat and Sportsmaster are out for revenge against Aqualad and his father, Black Manta.

There’s also the bridal shower for Rocket, though it never reveals her beau. She hasn’t had a boyfriend in the series, that they’ve shown as yet, other than a New Year’s kiss with Aqualad. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. During the bridal shower, Captain Cold attacks an armored car and the girls rush to fight him.

Rocket’s bridal shower also happens to be the same day as Conner’s “birthday.” Sadly, due to the current events, no one but Wendy remembers. Poor Conner, you’ve been getting the shaft in comics since the reboot and now the cartoon series, too. Well, it seems she’s being used a possible romantic replacement for Miss Martian, so maybe things won’t be so bad for him after all.

I can’t wait for the next episode. And I’m especially anxious for the reveal of the Light’s mystery partner and the fate of Lonshadow and the other kidnapped kids. There are theories and guesses, but I still want to see it all myself.




Glee is BACK!


Ok, so I was gone again longer than I had planned. And it seems that my blog – while forgotten by me – was not forgotten by my followers. In fact, on Friday, my page had 911 visitors! What?! Before that my highest was barely over 200. It seems like the “He-Man Day” post from quite a while ago was the culprit, not that I’m complaining.

Anyway, on to more important news: Glee is back (if you couldn’t tell from the title). And I’m more than 2 episodes late posting this, but health issues have kept me from posting this until now. The first episode was great, we got some great new cast members – I am loving Kate Hudson as Cassandra July, the horrific dance teacher, she is the perfect foil for Rachael. But even better than Ms. Hudson as a regular cast member is Glee’s newest beefcake (Gleefcake?) introduced into the mix.

Within the first five minutes we are introduced to a potential new love-interest for Rachael – Brody Weston(Dean Geyer), a junior and fellow music major, who makes his grand debut in nothing but a towel and dimpled smile. Witness his hunkiness for yourself below:

Later we meet another new cutie: Jake (Jacob Artist), who is revealed to be Puck’s half-brother. Good looks and bad attitudes must run deep in the Puckerman genes because he’s a hottie with a bad temper. He’s also got an amazing voice. Sadly, no shirtless scenes yet, but if he’s like his older sibling, I’m sure there will be quite a few in the future. For now enjoy these cute pics of him below:

And I can’t do a post about Glee without posting a few pics of Blaine – he’s the reason I watch the show! Not only is is incredibly handsome, but he’s one of the most amazing singers I’ve ever heard. That voice just melts me and I can’t wait to hear what he sings each episode. This episode he did “Call Me Maybe” with Tina, Brittany, and Unique (a “new” addition who made a few appearances last season) and “It’s Time” as a solo.

After seeing the second episode, “Brittany 2.0,” I was a little disappointed (the original Brittany episode was one of my least favorite in the series) but the promos for the upcoming episodes are looking more promising. I’m especially enjoying the bits with Kurt/Rachael in NY and I almost wish it was a separate series, I’m loving it so much on it’s own. Spoilers from the commercial show that Kurt’s boss is going to be played by SJP – I can’t wait!

The JL8


There are a lot of web comics that I read weekly. But one of my favorite, for several reasons, is the amazing “Little League” comic. It’s not based on baseball, but a junior version of the JLA and LoD. Sadly, Yale Stewart, the amazing artist and writer, is being forced to change the name to the “JL8.” I’m sure the quality and humor will remain the same, but it’s a shame that he’s got to change the title.

Support this amazing, talented guy and his webcomic on the new Tumblr by clicking here. It’s not  going live until Saturday, Sept 1st, but you can bookmark or follow him now!



Alpha and the old Stormwatch


There are so many comics out there that I wanna read, but can’t afford to buy, so my friends and I get together once a week to share our “haul” and partake in the comic-y goodness. My most recent order hasn’t arrived, but I read a few of this weeks new issues a friend picked-up at the LCS. Let me start by asking: does anyone else hate Alpha as much as me?

If you’re not sure who he is, don’t worry. He was just introduced as Spider-Man’s new “sidekick.” And he is a total douche, as referenced in the panels below:

And I thought that Quentin Quire was an obnoxious punk. Well, he is, but it’s part of 2Q’s charm – Alpha I just wanna see crash and burn. It was funny seeing Ben get so upset with him for stealing his “clobberin’ time” line, but it was one of the few bright spots of the issue.

On the flip-side is I, Vampire #12, which was great. I only recently started reading it and I plan to pick up TPB when it comes out in a few weeks. This month, the book ties into Stomwatch, which as  you faithful followers know, I hated since the reboot. How sad is it that the book’s own writers don’t treat them as well as when they guest star in another series? I was so pleased to see glimpses of the “old” Stormwatch. Here are a few panels I just had to share:

I agree, Midnighter – but I would think it’s like looking into the sun for too long, you’ll go blind.

“I found a way to kill them! I can just let them eat me.” – Oh, Apollo…